La philosophie de notre boutique est de promouvoir des produits de qualité et les matériaux de montage de nos kebari ne font pas exception. La qualité avant tout, des matériaux naturels, simples et rustiques qui donnent aux mouches leur aspect "vivant" qui est indispensable pour intéresser les poissons. 

SLF Squirrel dubbing

This dubbing is made of squirrel fur mixed with SLF (Synthetic Living Fiber) that gives it a little bit shiny outlook.
Tying this dubbing is very easy and makes beautiful "rough" nymphs and wets.
1 gram per pack.

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Killer bug yarn

We proudly offer the best substitute to the original Chadwick 477 yarn used by Frank Sawyer to tie his killer bug. The Jamieson "Oyster 290" yarn is made of pure Scottish lamb wool and makes a nymph deserve the nickname of "killer bug". Sold on 3 meters card. Made in Scotland.


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This natural silk thread has a steel micro cable in its core to make it very strong. If you want to easily make a loop to your eyeless hooks you will like this product. The color might be slightly different from the pictures shown here. Each card contain 2 meters of thread. Made in Germany. 

1,90 €

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Zenmai fibers are from fern shoots and are harvested in spring. This natural material makes excellent and very effective kebari. This material is very dense and very economic as the quantity needed for each kebari is very small. Sold in packs of 3 gr. As it is a natural product there might be variations in the colour. Harvested in Japan.


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For the hackle of your wet flies, soft hackles of traditional patterns such Takayama sakasa kebari and many others,  sedge wings, nymphs wing case, a pair of these wings will be very useful. A pair of wings allow tying dozens of flies. Sold by pair (1 right + 1 left).

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